InkToys Skull Baby DEAD BRO


Resin body, hair & moustache

Metal piercing


sold out
-Look to the camera -What? -LOOK TO THE CAMERAAA!! -I’m looking -No you aren’t -What? -NO YOU ARE NOT

SomeStrangeThings will be present for first time at the FivePointsFest at Brooklyn, NY, by the hand of Martian Toys and Anatoy. And this is our sculpture: Anatoy Dead Bro


Our beloved and first custom toy Anatoy Dead Bro will be shown at the Martian Toys Booth #132 together with other great Anatoy custom pieces participating inside the Spanish Team for the #DesignerToyWorldCup.


Taking place the weekend of June 1-2nd, 2019, at the gorgeous Brooklyn Expo Center, the festival will bring together the best Indie Artists, Designer Toys, Original Art, Resin Sculptures, Plush, Blind Boxes, Blanks, Minis, Kaiju, Japanese Vinyl, Street Art, Posters, Prints, Apparel, Live Painting, Craft Beer, Food Trucks, Pins, Patches and more!


Team Spain other artists are: Cristina Ravenna, Olobotoys, Vuitbits, Syntetyk, Judas Arrieta, MissLittleZombie, Luaiso Lopez, Terror Garden and Dhani Barragan.


Thanks to Martian Toys and Anatoy for letting SomeStrangeThings to participate in such interesting show with this great platform!





ABS & PVC body

Evony moustache


10 articulation points


Sold at the Martian Toys booth #132 at the FivePointsFestival.


Dead Bro

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